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Here is two empowering, real question.

Are you having fun with what you're doing?


Are you getting the results that you want?

These two questions are very important in growing your network marketing home business.


If you have no faith and no interest in what you're doing, you will plan to fail and quit.

Remember when your parents/guardians use to give you chores that you hate doing. Most kids would do these chores with a bad attitude and won't do a good job doing it. At least I didn't and this really use to piss my parents off.

How does this relate to network marketing?

Well if you're upline and leaders in your company is telling you to certain things in your business that you hate doing, are you going to do a good job at it? Probably not unless you develop an affinity towards the actions.

But there are a lot of us that conflicts with the action that we been told to do. Many of us, especially me, do not like talking to strangers in malls. Now is this the only strategy that we can use? No, not at all, but a lot of keep using this strategy because it's considered “the real way” of doing network marketing.

We are all entrepreneurs, and one great characteristic of an entrepreneur is that we tend to “think outside the box”. Doing thing that comes from within and fully resonates with us will almost guarantee our success.

If One Strategy Doesn't Work, Look For Another That Resonates With You

Common sense, right? That what I thought when I first started, but as time pass I realize that what I was doing was giving me minimal results and I really hated what I was doing.

From all the stories of people that recruited 300 people within a year that I heard, I ask myself, what are they leveraging in order to recruit so many people. It couldn't have been chasing people in the mall, right? That would take foreverrrr.

So as an entrepreneur I ventured out on my own and found a plethora of different strategies. So many that it was overwhelming. But luckily I had laser targeted focus and was able to integrate a couple of them within each other.

With this type of think, coming up with your own strategies that you really resonates with you will definitely see how your business change for the better. If what your upline is telling you is not working for you, but yet the strategies you find are working, then from that point it doesn't really matter what your upline or leaders in your company say, right? As long as you're not breaking any policies you're good to go.

So when it comes to marketing our business, lets be real with ourself, and dig in deep on why we're not getting the results that we want. Whenever we can do this, your business venture, as well as this whole entire network marketing industry becomes a lot more interesting and well worth it!

Now It's Your Turn!

Do you feel the strategies your using is dead in the water? Have you looked into other strategies? Please share and comment below. I look forward to reading them!!!

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