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Almost everyone has, at one time or another, expressed the desire to start your own business. Your dream may be to own a home based business, to be able to work from the comfort of your own home. Or maybe you desire to have a brick-and-mortar business that is more conventional. With either venture the idea is the same…being your own boss.

If so, and you didn't do it, why not?

Surely something sparked a desire or interest and then something caused that dream to be shelved, maybe with a promise to yourself that “Someday I'll do this”.

Alas, “Someday Isle” is a place many never escape from.

Maybe it's time to take a new look at the possibilities. A lot has changed in the world of business and employment, and it has become apparent that the security once appreciated in the conventional place of employment may not currently seem so secure.

As with so many things in life that you trust to no-one but yourself, maybe it's worth considering to take command of your own financial future. All economic indicators show dismal outlooks for mainstream employment and jobs, but little encouragement is given for starting one's own business. The potential, however, is unlimited.

With the advent of the computer and the internet, and the worldwide reach that it offers, the home based business has become more and more inviting as an entity to attain the financial security we all seek and desire.

While a franchise or even a conventional business such as manufacturing or retail sales is out of the reach of most prospective business owners, the business run from the home office setting is within the possibility of almost anyone considering this venture.

So what are the positive attributes of a home based business?

First..Consider the limits on the time needed to start and run a business.

Conventional businesses are, by nature, time-consuming and of course, must be considered only as full-time (or more).

The home based business, however, can generally be run, at least in its beginning on a part-time basis, usually in the evening or on weekends. This, of course, allows those with a full time job or career to enjoy the benefits of a work-from-home business without giving up the security still available in their current employment. As the home based business grows, hopefully a lot, the income generated therein can allow the enjoyment of the next attribute of this type of entity…

Time freedom!

The #1 benefit most seek in their own business is freedom of choice in how we spend our time. Some, maybe you, would say it's money. But isn't money just a means to obtain the #1 benefit?

Yes it is.

We'll gladly trade the money for the things we really want. We all need and want to own our time ….

*For Family *Our kids *Ourselves *To enjoy the things that mean the most to most to us.

Many are very fortunate to have full time jobs and careers with good income but still lack the freedom of time to enjoy what REALLY matters.

Tax Advantage…Our current tax plan strongly favors the rich, right?

Well, not exactly. Fact is, our tax plan in the US favors the business man or woman. Just happens that a lot of people earned their wealth by running their own business, large or small, therefore they enjoy the tax break benefits.

A home-based business in the internet network or affiliate marketing category is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a low-cost start-up and low monthly maintenance operation.

Consider this.

The monthly autoship and company maintenance costs of a typical network marketing business are generally less than the amount realized in tax savings. There really is no reason not to start this type of venture if you are even considering starting something on your own. Just check with a good accountant to make sure you are properly structured to enjoy the breaks given to home based businesses.

As a final thought, it's only fair to mention the downside of an affiliate marketer, I have only really found one enemy that can lead to potential failure in the home business arena.

Lack of discipline.

Few people initially possess the type of self-discipline needed to run such a business. They do well when directed by others – not as well on their own.

But this is not a cause for avoiding the starting of your own business.

Discipline, even self-discipline can be learned. One of the character traits of most, if not all, successful entrepreneurs is a strong control over one's actions.

Self improvement and development is an ongoing process in the life of the successful individual, and the starting of a new home based business is also a great time to implement the furthering of these character traits in your life.

The lack of a skill or a personal discipline is also NOT a good reason for delaying the start of your new venture.

Consider the home based business. Affiliate or network marketing is a great place to begin. the possibilities are limitless, and many enjoy six, seven or multi-seven figure incomes working from a home office.

Maybe you will be next.

Good Luck.

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