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Network marketing refers to a type of business that requires an upfront start-up fee and allows you to sells goods directly to other people. An additional feature of network marketing is the chance to build a group of sales people through a recruitment process. This work from home opportunity has proven to be a successful way to generate a steady part time income.

Do all home businesses require network marketing?

Work from home opportunities such as network marketing require you to recruit others. It's just the way MLM works. There is usually an incentive provided for each successful recruiter, but it can be challenging to meet the quotas put in place. However, if your home based business is not an MLM business, then you may not need to incorporate direct sales into your business model. If you provide a service such as resume writing, you may find it more prudent to spend your time and effort marketing your services and letting people who need that particular service, come to you. Make no mistake; both routes require hard work and a commitment. It really comes down to what you are more comfortable with. Not everyone is a naturally gifted sales person, others are. Choose work from home opportunities that suits your skills and comfort level.


Can I build a successful business without recruiting?

It is possible to build a business without recruiting. However, at some point, if you're lucky, you will probably need to hire employees. This concept is similar to network marketing in the sense that you are using the services and talents of others to help grow your business. The glaring difference is that you will not be profiting from direct sales made by these employees. If you hire employees for your home based business you will, ideally, pay these workers a wage and figure the cost of those wages into your businesses operating budget. In a network marketing framework, you are not paying people to work for you. In fact it's the opposite. The people you have recruited provide you with extra source of income through incentives provided by the company. If you have a home based business you don't need to recruit for this purpose, but it may be helpful if you want to grow your business.

How can I set up a successful network marketing business?

Successful network marketing businesses are few and far between. MLM giants like Mary Kay and Avon have essentially cornered the market. It's not a complete monopoly but the number of MLM style businesses that have been around for longer than ten years can be counted on your own two hands. It's not that the business model isn't successful, it is. It's usually a combination of undesirable merchandise, poor quality goods/services, and poor planning. Work from home opportunities can be successful if you offer a quality product with lasting appeal, and if you take the time understand the benefits and pitfalls of network marketing.

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