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Facebook is probably the most popular social media site to this date and you'll find many people of all backgrounds using it. You'll find people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, religions using this viral site.

You can find long lost friends on facebook or even communicate with your current friends, swapping messages over your phone via facebook.

Many entrepreneurs have taken their business online, and specifically use facebook to market their businesses. This is a great move since facebook is integrated into whatever you see on TV and on the internet.

Because of this integration, this a great advantage that you has a home business owner can take advantage of. Not only will you be able to reach a greater, wider audience, but also you can take advantage of all the features that facebook has to offer and to a degree set it on automatic.

As entrepreneurs time is your most precious asset and once you're able to set up your account to work for you, you'll be able to attract as many people to your business, services or products on a daily basis without you doing too much work.

You can actually set it up to get at least 10-15 leads a day. No Joke! You just have to know a little of the in's and out of facebook marketing. Once you get the gist of it, the only direction you'll be going is up!



The first thing you want to do is look for a specific Target Market. These are the people who will be most interested in what you do. So if your in the Direct Selling industry, these people will usually be in different groups relating to this industry. These groups are usually network marketing groups, affiliate marketing groups, home business groups, cash gifting groups, and many more. You get the idea!

You may also want to look into personal development groups. You'll find your most serious people engaging in them. You definitely want to befriend these people as well as in the other groups and try to build relationships with them.

If you're the type of person that likes to blog, you want to look for Blogging Communities. These could be Blogging Groups or Blogging Tribes. The blogger within these group share great info. on how to grow your businesses and also help to promote each other's blog. Once you get this going you'll start to get a lot of traffic. This takes time but well worth it.

If you want to get Instant traffic to your sites, what better way to do so than with Facebook PPC (Pay Per ). With Facebook PPC you can really target your market and only advertise to them. The advertisements will appear on the side of their pages. But one thing you want to keep in mind is that there's a write way and a wrong way to do so.

There are plenty of training on Facebook Marketing. There are some “etiquette” you need to follow as well as the rules and regulations. If Facebook Marketing is the route that you want to take, them I encourage you to check out Michelle Pescosolido's Training

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