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This message goes out to anyone that maybe struggling to succeed with a home based business and trying to make money online. It was inspired a recent video that I say about a football player by the name of Derrick Coleman who is a running back for the Seattle Seahawks.

If you have not seen it then please go to youtube and look it up because it will truly inspire you and make you take a good look at yourself and where you are in your business. The video shows how this football player didn't let his physical handicap stop him from going after his dream to play in the NFL.

You see he has a hearing problem and playing football and not being able to hear clearly would stop most from playing but, this gentlemen. He did not let that stop him or deter him in the least bit. He definitely had to fight past his handicap and stay focused on his dream which was ultimately to play football professionally.

This is why I love his story because I can't imagine how and what he must have been told when coaches found out that he had a hearing problem. Will he be able to execute the play? How will we communicate the plays to him during game time? Will he be able to run the plays effective and so on

I'm sure there was a thousand questions to say the least about his ability to perform and be a valuable asset to any team that he would ultimately play for but, now they are in the super bowl. That goes to say that you never give up on your dream to succeed.

This made me immediately think about how so many people who start a home based business and are handicapped in their thinking, in their belief and in themselves. The minute they start to struggle or not get the results that they want then they start doubting themselves. They stop trying and they stop going after their dream.

They become handicapped in the desire to succeed but, if you stay focused and continue to follow the game plan that you were given. Then success is right around the corner waiting for you and when you get to the place of success you want.

Then all the time and effort that you put into getting to that place of success will be well worth the struggle, sacrifice and pain that you went through to get there but you can't quit or stop trying. You got to hang in there until you get your breakthrough.

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