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If you want to start a network marketing home business, you want to be a business where you have a high interest in the products or services. It just wouldn't make sense if you were only interested in the money you can make. If that's the case you wouldn't last too long.

In this case, people who are interested in 5LINX are usually interested in the telecommunication industry. In this 5LINX Review, I will give you an summary of the company, their products, their compensation plan and a conclusion. So if you're already involved with 5LINX or interested in joining, this 5LINX Review will educate you on the company as a whole from an outsider's point of view.


This company was started by three gentlemen in 2000 by the names of Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck and Jason Guck. Craig has much experience in the telecommunication world and has owned and operated 2 companies. Jeb and Jason have extensive experience in the network/internet marketing industries. Combine the 3 together and you have a great telecommunication network marketing company. Their goal is to change lives for the better through their company.


5LINX has a plethora of telecommunication products and services. They have products from Video phones, mobile phones, and VoIP connections. If you become a customer they provide different packages which include Technical Support via phone or web.

Also 5 LINX provide a variety of products outside of telecommunications. They have Home Security Services, ID Guard, and Internet Services. They also provide energy (gas and electric) in certain states. Although this may seem like it's overwhelming, it's best to pick one or two products or services that you can market. What makes it easier for a 5LINX Representative to market is that a lot of people are already using these products or services. And if you can help save them money, that's even better.


When it comes to being compensated for your work, you have the option to start between 2 levels. You can either start at the Customer Representative level at $99 or you can start as an Independent Marketing Representative level for $499. Above these levels are 5 leadership levels which include the Executive Trainer, Executive Director, National Director, Senior Vice President, and Platinum Senior Vice President. The higher you are the more money you make. Although there's a lot more to the compensation plan as far as bonuses, I just wanted to give you a general idea of the different levels and the costs to get involved. For more information on 5LINX Compensation Plan, please do your due diligence and do your research.


5LINX is definitely a legit company to get involved with if you're interested in telecommunications. The only draw back to this is that there are other telecommunication companies with the same products and services. You will definitely need the people skills as well as the marketing skills to be successful in this company.

When it comes to this industry, you're going to need to attract a lot of leads each day for your business to take off. You can either take the difficult route and try to learn everything on your own which will take longer for you to succeed, or you can take an easier route and get the right training to help you on your journey to success.

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