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Agricultural land is a blessing of Allah Almighty in developing countries like Pakistan. This land is a greater source of economic growth of Pakistan. During last few years, the demand of housing communities and commercial properties has been increased due to the tremendous increase in population of Pakistan. To fulfill this housing demand, investors are establishing a greater number of housing schemes on agricultural lands that are near the urban fringe.

The agricultural land is steadily converted into residential colonies which can result in lack of fertile land in Pakistan. The price of these residential communities and commercial properties are very high that is beyond the reach of common man. Only rich people can purchase this land for making houses and other commercial buildings. Mostly people are selling out their agricultural lands due to attractive returning price which is higher than actual price and production of their lands. This condition is very dangerous for the safety of agricultural land because it gives freedom to investors to build town, industrial, commercial and housing communities. And also earn maximum profit by selling these communities.

It is believed that urban land is more profitable than agricultural land for development. Mostly all industrial, commercial and economic growth takes place in urban areas. That is why; the rate of land conversion from agricultural to urban areas is increasing. The conversion of agricultural land in housing colonies contributes towards the urban development and also increases the value of this agricultural land. All this will enhance the future development of rural areas in industrial, commercial and housing work.

As most of the development has been taking place along rural areas that are near to urban fringe. There is a great loss of converting agricultural land in residential and commercial colonies. As the population of Pakistan is growing and also the need of food, oil, houses etc is increasing. This population increase and development towards the agricultural lands are the major factors that are lacking these fertile lands on fringing areas. The unplanned urbanization in rural areas in the form of housing and commercial colonies may result in the lack of agricultural land and productivity.

The demand of houses is increasing rapidly in urban areas that are close to rural areas. Mostly people are migrating towards cities from rural areas. As a result, the profitability of agricultural land is falling in rural areas but the value of this fertile land is increasing for urban area's development. All this is forcing farmers to sale out their lands for further country's development purposes.

The government needs to take necessary steps in this favor and allow only limited places for housing projects in order to save our golden lands. It should avoid unplanned urbanization and always plan before using fertile lands for urban development. If this condition could not be controlled at time then it may lack of agricultural land and other resources like fruits, vegetables, oil etc.

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