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Retirement is a scary word! Not the fact that you will have freedom but the fact that how are you going to support yourself through the process? More than likely your retirement plan will not provide for you the way you feel it should. So why not take control of your own destiny?!

Most employers will offer you are decent retirement plan. Or should I say they look decent on the paper. What are you truly making though? When you look at your retirement plan on paper more than likely it will look amazing. But look between the lines! How much money are you putting into this plan, what is your return on investment, and how much are you paying the person to manage your account?

When you start factoring in those issues you may find it a bit disturbing! Most people are making pennies. Where are those pennies going to buy you when you retire? A McDonald's dollar menu cheeseburger. YUM. That's just what you want to eat the rest of your life; right?

Besides those frightening thoughts about retirement plans let's take another look into the situation. The economy! For many years it has been up and it has been down. Your retirement plan is usually based on how well the economy is; so let's say that you have lots of money saved up the BAM the economy crashes and you lose ALL of YOUR money. Well so much for retiring rich because know not only are you eating McDonald's that's where you are working the rest of your life!


Retire rich start now; but NOT with your retirement plan. The above was not supposed to scare you but truly it is scary! Do not rely on somebody else controlling your money, because I guarantee you, you will never be happy with the amount of money you have. You can have a great retirement but it STARTS with YOU managing your money!

If you are going to pay somebody to manage your money why not take the time and you find investments and then pay yourself for your time? Don't put money in somebody else's pocket, take control of your life! Taking control of your life means that you are going to have to step up and control your money: what you are spending, how much you are making, and what are you going to do with it to bring in retirement income.

If you take control now you still have possibilities to retire rich. Retire rich start now with knowledge of investing your money that was once in your retirement plan and putting it towards something that will give you 20% plus return on investment! And if you manage your funds correctly then when you retire the investments will continue to make money and provide an astonishing monthly income for you.

Whatever your goal is to retirement whether it is in 5 years or 30 years, you MUST start now. Make that decision to be wealthy. Retire rich starts now no matter how many years you have left to the life of luxury. But I guarantee you that if you do not manage your own money you will not have the life of luxury; you will have the life of stress, worry, anxiety, and continuing with a job to get you by.

Which life do you want? The choice is clearly yours but I know you do not want to work the rest of your life. Retire rich start now with the determination to make money on your own right now and not let somebody else reap the profits of your hard earned money!

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