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Pastor Joel Osteen said, “You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” Everyone wants to be successful in life. Many are looking for tips in wealth building . Parents set rules to ensure that children do not get into bad company and fall prey to bad habits. We are taught to make friends and avoid foes.

Your friends can affect your success and failure. In fact, to be successful in life and succeed in wealth building, you need to excuse yourself from the presence of 2 types of individuals:

1) People who are Negative and Ungrateful

If you are constantly surrounded by negative individuals, you would one day become very negative and full of complaints. On the other hand, regular contacts with successful people who are positive, ambitious, and inspiring, will help you develop the required aspirations and actions that lead to success.

Unfortunately, the negative and complaining people are everywhere, and majority of people cannot escape the siege wall and they join the crowd. This explains why there are more poor people than rich in the world.

We cannot prevent others from complaining and being negative. But we should not give people the chance to possess us with their negativity and lower our idealogical level.

2) People with no goal and with no determination to overcome challenges

I like to make friends who do not succumb to challenges. The road to success in wealth building is not a bed of roses, but you can enjoy the bed of roses if you want it and will work hard for it!

People who say you cannot do it are people who cannot succeed themselves. If you look at their personal accomplishments, they are usually just a mediocre. Taking this person's opinion will do you more harm than good. Do not ask a cyclist how he feels about driving a sports car. Do not seek advice from a 9-5 employee on a million dollar investment.

When you face any difficulties, it is wise to find a first-class person to help you. If you ask a loser, what advice will you get? Talking to the wrong person will cost you time and money.

In closing, you have to pay attention to your environment and look for friends of wealth building and avoid foes of wealth building that have stolen financial success from so many people.

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