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Life gives us many choices… and the road we travel will impact the quality of our lives for years to come. Most of us will opt for the “safe” route… the comfortable road paved for us by others, which, while giving us a measure of security, is often also devoid of the “roller coaster ride” some of us long for.

For the majority of us, the safe, fairly even ride is our preferred choice, and we coast along quite contently in our jobs and chosen careers, without any major ups and downs. There may not be any big failures, but usually there are also no huge successes… which is great for those who have chosen to live their lives in that manner.

Then there are the adventurers. The adventurers are those of us who want more, who are willing to take a chance and do whatever is necessary to get to the top of that mountain. They're the entrepreneurs, the self-employed, the risk takers, and they are the ones who will take the road less traveled.

A Safe, Secure, Salaried Job….the Well-Traveled Road?…. Or the Excitement and Potentially Huge Rewards of a Business of Your Own?

Which would you choose? Sure, working for some corporation gives you a certain amount of security, although in this economic climate, that “job security” is, unfortunately, often a mirage… still, a salaried job does give you the fairly secure knowledge that your next paycheck will arrive.

Working for yourself, creating and building a business of your own, can be somewhat intimidating, true. However, the rewards of owning your own business can be hugely rewarding and satisfying.

Can you have the best of both worlds? The answer is yes… yes, you can. Creating and building your own part time home business can provide you with all of the advantages of being the master of your fate, while still working for that paycheck. When the time arrives and your business has become successful enough, you'll be able to say good-bye to your employer, and concentrate on driving your business down that less traveled, but beautiful road of your choosing.

If you want more than a yearly raise and two weeks' vacation, consider starting a business of your own. As the owner of your own business, you can have the very real, and realistic, expectation of gaining financial independence, and the freedom to live your life your way.

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