How Can You Make Money Online

I wanted to talk about confidence and how to be confident,there was a time before I started my home business that I wasn't confident I lacked lot's of it,some times the eagerness to get out of the life I had driven me to move past some of my fears and make good on my goals.

Everybody goes through a time where they struggle with confidence even the successful home business owners and big money earners have dealt with lack of confidence from time to time,it happens to every body after all we're all human right.

Just because you are a big income earner in your home business doesn't mean that you have all the confidence in the world and will never be nervous,scared or afraid when you carry out your business,but here are three ways to get that confidence back.

1.Skills. You can know all the latest technology to run your home business but in the end,you're still going to have to talk to the people who are interested in your business,you still have to reach out and contact these people I mean how else are you going to get people tp join you or you're business if you don't know and/or understand how to talk to people,get those skills learn to talk to the people learn what to say in a specific situation because in the end it's a relationship business and you're main goal is to build relationship's

2.Practice.The saying goes,practice makes perfect and the more you practice the better you get and the more confident you get and whatever you're doing and it's no different in your home business,get those skills and then go out there and practice,remember you don't have to learn everything in one day or feel that time is your enemy,just learn as you go,go out and talk to people and see what is working for you and what is not and at the end of the day come home and go over what worked and what didn't remember to focus on the process to get you those results you want.

3.Mental Toughness.Yes that is correct,you have to become mentally tough,you have to reprogram you're brain and again that comes through work,through trial and error,remember ever since you were a little baby you were always told the negative things in life albeit through your upbringing or through friends,maybe you're church,not saying that the people in your life were bad people,I'm sure they meant well but sometimes through that well-meaning the wrong things can be said to you .

So there it is your best way to become confident in your life or in your home business

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