How Do I Earn Money Online

Nichole's mother-in-law had arthritis in her hands for years. Simple things such as:


  • Opening a bag required scissors
  • Thinking twice before buying lemonade from the grandchildren knowing it would come back to haunt her later
  • Washing her hair proved to be a monumental task
  • Climbing stairs was next to impossible
  • Sleeping at night was only a dream
  • Clothes choices were limited to the “no button” rule
  • How is she now?

    • The arthritis in her hands have cleared up!
    • “I feel more alert.”
    • Reports of more energy!
    • Her husband asked, “What is it with you?”
    • “I no longer get swelling or pain!”
    • “I haven't needed to take anti-inflammatories either!”
    • “I no longer have the gritty/down feeling!”

    What did she do?

    • She drank one cup of special red tea a day for one week till she was 95% pain free!
    • She came back for more special red tea and special coffee for her husband.
    • After drinking two special black coffees one morning, she went for a swim for the first time in years and swam laps and felt great!
    • After drinking the special coffee and teas for 3 months, her kids tell her that she seems happier and more laid back!
    • “When I have my coffee and tea, I now feel bright and happy to enjoy my day which is a massive positive shift!”

    Nichole began using the special coffees, teas, and nutraceuticals for herself before she introduced her family to the products.

    • She became a distributor by “accident” as she discovered how well the products worked for herself and for her family.
    • She initially became a distributor just to save money on the products.
    • She soon became a Gold Distributor and is now making a great income!
    • All she did was share the delicious coffees with others!
    • The people who tried it felt better and became customers and distributors themselves because it works!

    The genius of coffee (or tea) blended with the unequaled power of Ganoderma capitalizes on the booming wellness industry. It offers powerful positioning:

    • Coffee ($30 billion a year industry)
    • Tea ($10 billion a year industry)
    • Health and Wellness (Trillion dollar a year industry)

    The benefits and rewards of investing:

    • Improved health
    • Ability to help others with their health
    • Ability to help others with their income
    • Balanced lifestyle
    • More time with family
    • Financial freedom
    • Empowered through loyalty, unity, and edification
    • Generous plans
    • Rewards
    • Trainings
    • Change lives

    All around the world, people are waking up the incredible taste and benefits of these premium gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. These products are designed to suit any lifestyle. These products are enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies that are now readily available to you.

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