How Do I Make Money Online

Freelance writers usually work on the marketplaces online and make money writing for the clients. However, a writer can also write for himself and make money as an entrepreneur online. Nowadays, the concept of passive income businesses has become extremely popular. A freelancer writer can also start and establish such businesses. Apart from working for the clients as a ghostwriter, a freelancer can start his own blog, create his own product and make passive income from the services and products. Here, you will discover some of the best passive income businesses for a freelance writer.

Best passive income businesses for the freelance writers: some innovative business ideas

These ideas will help you understand the concept of passive income generation. You will explore the methods that are already making full time income for many freelance writers around the world. Let's explore more about the ideas here:

#1 Making money from a blog:

If you love to write on specific topics or niches, you should definitely launch your own blog and write for yourself. You can use various monetizing methods to make money from your blog. You can use advertising units, sell website space for advertising or adopt any other method of monetization. If you are generating organic visitors from the search engines, you can easily make decent income from a niche blog. You should do research and keep your blog updated to retain the readers and get new ones.

#2 Writing on the ad revenue sharing sites:

Several websites let users contribute contents and share the advertising revenues with them.,, etc. are some websites that accept contents from the users and publish on their websites. If you don't want to spend a lot of time for setting up a blog, marketing etc. you should start writing on these websites. You will need to share the earnings with them, but they'll help you get visitors and make money from your publications online. The more you write, the more you earn – this is the idea for anyone willing to write for the revenue sharing websites and make money from them.

#3 Writing eBooks and sell them:

If you're an expert about a topic, writing eBook can be a great way to make passive income. You can write detailed eBooks on that topic and launch a website to sell that. Freelancer writers are mostly comfortable about any topic or niche. But you should consider a topic about which you're highly comfortable with. Prepare a decent, professional website to sell your eBook. You should also focus on promoting the website so that you can get clients to sell your product.

#4 Creating PLR products

Many webmasters look for high quality private label rights (PLR) products. As a freelancer writer, you can work on the hot topics and prepare high quality products to sell these clients online. Create a PLR store, upload the products, promote the website and earn royalties whenever an item is sold. The concept is similar to writing eBooks, but you will enjoy more freedom and write on various topics. This method can also make you a good amount of money once you have built a store with many items in it.

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