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With buying and renting of homes becoming a common trend, one should always check for the BER certification. BER stands for building energy efficiency, is given to home owners as a certificate stating that the home is energy efficient, and is fit for living. Whenever you are planning to purchase or take a home on rent or lease, you should always check the ber cert so that you can get value of your money. For homeowners, it is advised to get your BER check done through professionals, as it will help in estimating the efficiency of your building.

Understanding about BER

Many people who do not know what BER is all about must understand it is a process for checking the efficiency of energy that is consumed for ventilation, lighting, heating of water, and area heating as per the ratio of occupancy. For a better understanding, one can say that BER certification is something similar to the ratings that are provided to the electrical goods. Similarly, with BER certification, one can say that a home is energy efficient for living with a result of low electricity bills. The professionals who will conduct the certification tests on certain parameters hand out a checklist that point out several aspects, which can help in making the home energy efficient. Once you attain a BER certification, its validity is for 10 years after which it has to be renewed.

BER exempted building

Below mentioned are the buildings that do not need BER certificate

  • Buildings with historic value
  • Monuments categorized under national level
  • Worship places
  • Buildings for industry and agriculture
  • Properties, which are standing alone in an area of 50, meter square

The L test

Today building approvals are not attained just by blueprints for the same. With technology developing to new heights, various new formats are designed for checking efficiency of the homes that are built. As per the regulations of buildings act, part l test is being conducted for knowing about the proportionate energy that is consumed by the building. During the L test, patterns of heating installed in the building are checked.

Conducting the test for checking the air tightness level

Before you get the BER certification, you need to get the air leakage testing done. Various parameters are taken into consideration during the test so that best results are obtained. In addition to this, sophisticated instruments and gadgets are taken into use for the test. For checking the leakage of air in the building, thermal power of the building is checked which in result tells about the permeability of the air.

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