How To Make Money Now

It's True That Money Can't Buy Happiness, But it Can Give us Peace of Mind!

When we're asked to define “happiness”, most of us think of love, family and friends, money, and health – not necessarily in that order. Health is probably at the top of the list – if we're sick, nothing else matters much, does it?

Love? Family? Friends? Good relationships are very important in adding to our happiness. So important, in fact, that unhappiness in our relationships with others can actually be detrimental to our health….

So here we are…hopefully healthy, surrounded by people who love us and support us through life.

That leaves money. How important is money? CAN it buy happiness?

Money can't buy happiness. It can't buy health, love, family, or friends. It can pay for our health care, true…and sometimes it can attract people who say they love us, and who pretend to be our friends…but if the money disappeared, often so would they!

Having money enables us to put a roof over our heads…food on the table…allows us to dress nicely, buy comfortable shoes, and maybe a nice car. A little “surplus” of money affords us a vacation once or twice a year, and hopefully goes a long way towards paying that college tuition.

Money CAN give us peace of mind, while ADDING to our happiness

While money can't buy happiness by buying the most important things like health and love, it can ADD to our enjoyment of life by giving us peace of mind, knowing we were able to pay all of our bills, and are in control of our finances. Money can also provide us with the means to buy the little luxuries we don't exactly need, but want.

Unfortunately, for many of us our salaries from our jobs aren't quite enough to give us that little “extra” we need to buy that car or take that cruise to the islands. We can achieve that, of course, by getting a SECOND job, working nights and/or weekends….or

We can start a business of our own.

A successful home based business is quite feasible for anyone who has access to the Internet and a telephone, and will permit us to earn extra money, knowing that, while it can't buy us true happiness, it can certainly add to it.

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