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Doggie coat matting takes place when lumps of loose pet coat along with the pet's undercoat or perhaps top coat get caught alongside one another forming an even greater heap of fur. You'll also find certain instances when foreign materials just like grime and dirt gets bundled in the heap.

This unique occurrence will possibly not appear to be much however if not dealt with or not remedied promptly, these small lumps can form a bigger heap which can spread throughout your own pet's fur. Matting can typically be mended by using a slicker brush however if the pet's matting is considered severe then the only alternative would be to shave the particular pet's whole coat.

What's causing your pet's coat to matt?

Long haired pet dogs or even pet dogs with wavy hair are generally more prone to develop mats. Having said that though, even pet dogs that are short haired or even single coated can still develop this issue. As discussed earlier, matting takes place when your pet's shed fur alongside the undercoat and topcoat gets clumped or matted with each other.

This generally occurs when it's shedding time and the particular doggie is just not brushed regularly. Don't forget that grime and dirt could get in your pet's coat. This is exactly why brushing your dog by using a quality slicker brush is really needed to avoid matting and keep your pet's coat and skin healthy.

Are there hazards associated with fur matting?

There are specific times when the matting can result in intense distress and sometimes even suffering for your canine companion. This runs specifically true if you try brushing your own pet's coat without mending the mats first. Mats can also cut off the blood flow to your pet's limbs and might also lead to several skin ailments including hot spots and rashes. Due to this, it really is vital that you quickly correct the matted spot just before it gets worse.

How can I avoid tangles from occurring?

It might be a bit cumbersome to repair hair tangles but preventing them is much easier. All you need to do is to regularly brush your own pet's coat by using a self cleaning slicker brush. This particular dog brush is also ideally useful to remove the mats out of your pet's fur. An everyday brushing for about five or ten minutes could undoubtedly make the doggie satisfied, in good shape and mat free.

A reminder though, if you do see certain mats on the doggy, it's important that you avoid washing them until the mats are really remedied. Washing a matted doggy can certainly aggravate the situation and might cause far more tangles to be formed.

In conclusion, brushing your own pet's coat daily or even at least 2 – 3 times weekly is a great routine to build up to stop doggy fur matting. Be sure to go with a premium quality slicker brush to truly make the most out of the activity.

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