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Coffee beans would have made no sense to those who are addicted to coffee, had it not been processed or roasted in ways to bring out the perfect gamut of flavor, as can be processed out of it. But there are certain things which the roaster must keep in their mind. For one thing, the coffee bean must be of a certain kind, and specially produced for it to have flavored and all the nutrients, and the next thing is that your experience of coffee depends on upon the way the beans are being treated. The coffee bean undergoes certain processes to derive the kind of flavor which makes it all the more lucrative for us to have a healthy obsession over.

The precious roast

Like any other product, coffee too requires a certain process with the help of which the flavor and the aroma can be derived out of the green beans to produce the best coffee that the drinkers deserve to be awarded. Thus, it can be said without any hesitation that it all depends on upon the roasted beans and how they are being treated. The basic types of roasts are:

  • Light roasted coffees are preferred for milder flavored coffees and on the surface one cannot find enough oil because it is not roasted enough for any of the oil to surface onto the beam.
  • Medium roasts have more body to it than lighter roasted ones and they are somewhat medium brown in color. You get to see a very little amount of oil on the surface of the bean and it lacks the very grainy texture which the light roasted ones might have.
  • Dark roasts have a good amount of oil coating the bean and as is obvious they are darker and are bitter to taste.

Now that we have spoken about the basic processes of getting the most out of the beans and to avail us with the best coffee, which might be life altering, here is some information about how one can get their hands on them.

Obtain the best beans

The coffee market is changing with a new trend in which priority is given to the very producers of the beans and the bean thus obtained can be known as the fair trade coffee. One might think as to how this can affect the buyers of the coffee beans, well, in this case, the buyers can choose for themselves the kind of coffee they want and thus can get their hands on the best kinds of beans available. The farmers too, gain by not having to deal with the middleman, and thus paying them off with a huge amount of money and ending up with a negligible profit amount. This is the only situation, as established by certain association which makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved in this process, be it the farmer, the buyers or the consumers, because each of them can make optimum profit out of this process of believing in the fair trade coffee, and get the best that they deserve.

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