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Blogging is a great way for your reader to really get to know you and how you think. There are so many subjects to write about and each one of you have your own opinion about each one.

You want you readers to know what goes on between your ears, the problems you face, and how you resolve those problems. If you're in the network marketing industry, we all go through pretty much the same obstacles and we all want solutions to get pass them.

One of the greatest feelings that you'll experience is being able to be the solution to people's problems. Especially if you write about problems that not too many bloggers mention.

But when it comes to blogging you want to build a synergy and write about topics that we all can relate to. If you're able to do that, you'll be able to draw more and more inquiry minds to you to learn more.

But first, you gotta start somewhere to get traffic.

But where do you start?

One of the best places to start if you're in the mlm/network marketing industry is through facebook groups targeted to people thats in the industry. There are a plethora of mlm/network marketing groups on facebook which makes them really hard to miss.

As part of facebook marketing, posting your blog posts in these groups is one of the sought out strategies that a lot of online marketers use. Your goal is to create an “attractive vortex” that will focus on curious readers in the industry on how to become better with their business or even look for a leader they can join under.

MLM/Network Marketing Groups To Join And Not To Join

As I've just said, there are a lot of these groups that you can join that you can benefit from. But one thing you need to do is set a criteria to which ones that will benefit you. Here's a criteria that I came up with out of experience.

Join MLM/Network Marketing Groups With A Sense Of Community

One thing you want to scrutinize about each group you look at is to see how coherent they are. There's a lot of people that just go to advertise just to get traffic. You want to see how well each member interact with each other.

If they're actually in there giving value with the group, then that's a great group to be in because the people in their will actually read your content. These people are serious and may even take the relationship offline if they live close by. These are the type of people thats going to help you with your site and your business.

Make Sure That The Group Doesn't Have People Just Advertising Their Business

These groups are pretty much a waste of time. These are the type of people that are just focus on making money instead of growing a business. Money is to be attracted, and if the people in the group is just only in it for themselves, then more than likely they're struggling marketers and really don't have anything valuable to offer.

Look To See If Each Person Is Adding Value To The Group

These are the type of people that you want to add to your Facebook friends list. Why, because the content they people out is something that everyone wants to know about, especially if your struggling. So they know what to do in order to attract people to them instead of them chasing people and hyping up their business.

They spend more time learning more about the industry, how to build relationships, how to build themselves up, and learning about different strategies to market way more so than marketing their business. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with putting your business out there, but how are you going to attract people to you when the majority of people on facebook is doing the same thing?

Make Sure The Group Is Active

What I mean by active, I mean you want to make sure that the people in the group are posting something everyday. If the group is dead, how are you going to get the word out to others about what you do? Also with these active groups with serious entrepreneur, they will actually share your content with others as long as it is valuable and if you share their content with your online friends. This is how you can start getting a lot of traffic and leads.

I like to share with you a couple of facebook groups that I'm a part of that's giving a lot of value as well as sharing my content as well as they will share yours.

Empowered Minds for Success in Network Marketing

Automated Twitter Syndication Tribe

When you get to these groups make sure read the rules and regulations of the group, or you can ask to see where they are. There are many groups like these that will help you with traffic and your business as long as you do the same. This is definitely karma! What goes around comes around!

What MLM/Network Marketing Facebook groups are you a part of and how are they working for you. Please comment below and share! I look forward to reading them!

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