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The one thing that many of us network marketing struggle with is generating traffic and leads via our blogs. Being able to capture the audience's attention is a great skill set to learn.

Once you get into the zone in attracting people to your blog, then you can apply this no matter what business you're involved with.

Now some of you may think this is the hardest thing to conquer, but on the contrary, it really isn't.

The one that that's going to be a little tedious is finding out what your peers within your niche are struggling with. Once you find that out, write about the struggle and then the solutions in your blog.

If you been doing online marketing for a while, this may sound like a broken record, but it definitely will help to explode your business with consistency. Consistency can be a difficult task but once you take action on it for at least 30 days, then it becomes a habit.

Once it becomes a habit, it becomes an easy task for you. Why? Because it becomes a routine and you hunger for it!

In the case of blogging, there are 3 simple things to know in order to make your blog attractive to the right people. Knowing the struggles of people involved in industry is a start!

3 Simple Things To Make Your Blog Attractive

Have An Attractive Headline

The determining factor that's going to attract visitors to your blog is the headline or title. Any headline that starts with what, when, where, how, and why are usually the most attractive. When someone sees this, automatically they're thinking there's a solution within your post, and if they don't read then they'll be missing out on it.

Also a headline with a “list” of things to do will definitely attract people. Just like this blog. You want to keep in mind that your blog is going to be your reader's guideline. People want to be pointed in the right direction to get the best results and blogging is definitely a great way to do it!

State The Problem

Once your reader get into your content, you want to express the problem that they're having. In this way, the reader can really connect with your content. You want the reader to feel like you're talking directly to them as thought they're about to fall out of their seat because they're so engaged.

When your able to do this, the reader will definitely read your whole, entire blog. Even though there's a bunch of blogs out there, each person is unique, and when you're able to put your unique flavor into the content, this keeps them interested. Especially for the fact that you went through the same problems that they are going through.

State The Solution

Once you really have them engaged with all the problems they are facing, then at the end of your blog you state the solution. This is how we as bloggers become people of influence within the online marketing world. The fact that we can relate to our readers and giving tips on what they can do to improve makes us look almost like an authority figure.

This is how you start to build a big following. If you do this everyday on the consistent basis, not only will you start getting a slew of subscribers, you'll also start to get leads more often than before!

Now It's Your Turn!

Was this helpful to you? How would you improve your blog to attract more people to it? Please share and comment below. I look forward to reading them!!!

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