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Marketing is communicating the value of the product, service or brand. The canter purpose is to grow sales of the products and profits of the business. Marketing acts sends messages and information to the target audience. Marketing techniques are choosing target markets by market analysis, and understanding consumer behavior and advertising the value to a customer. Marketing is the link between economic patterns of response and society's material requirements. Processes satisfy the needs and wants through exchange and building long-term relationships. It blends art and applied science and makes use of technology. Online advertising efforts are used with traditional types of advertising like radios, televisions, magazines and news papers is still the best way to reach out to people, but with the constant technological changes more people are gaining internet access. Internet marketing is a cost effective way of advertising. With only a little amount of money, you can tap into big markets.


The concept was put in to practice by William, J. Tobin, the creator of PC Flowers & Gifts. By 1993 they got sales in a higher amount of $6 million per year. When people clicked from the specific web site to OLX and bought a car, the affiliate received commission. Amazon is not the first to offer affiliate programs but was the first to become well known. Internet marketing is selling or promoting goods and services using the internet. This is also used for non-profit purposes. If you want to grow your business, then this should play a big part in your solution. The internet has change business marketing. The internet strategy is likely to be at the center of your marketing strategy. A rapid grow in the number of ecommerce selling goods online. Many others are also offering products and services through their websites. Select a product with a small market size. Avoid stuff that is too small or keyword searches. For example, a product for kids from the ages of 16-20 is okay but something like products for kids between the ages of 16-20 who likes rock music will likely be to small. It could be harder to get customers and the small market size will limit your growth substantially.

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