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Just relax and let us take care of house. We are here to help you, now can go anywhere without any hesitate. Crime number in now days is rising day by day, so when you are going for vacation there are many clumsy or bumbling persons who want to take the opportunity of your empty house. They enforce to your lovable home and steal your precious things also they can damage your home sweet home.

What is house sitter?

House is a person who will look after your dearest home in your absence. They maintain your home, they keep your home clean and also they feed your pet (if you have pet), watering your plants and laws. A sitter keep your precious home safe and secure.

What a house sitter do?

A sitter do all that work you do in your daily basic. They do a light housekeeping to keep the houseclean from dust and clutter. They watering the houseplants, grass or laws. If there is a swimming pool then a house also clean the pool and if you are go for a long time vacation then they ensure that of your will be safe and secure.

What a pet sitter do?

A sitter also can be a pet sitter. A pet sitter will feed your pet when you away from home. They also watering and care of pets, such as dogs, cats, birds or hamsters or small reptiles. If you have dog then he or she will normally take your pet outside for jogging and meet bodily function needs.

Below here some 'DO' that a sitter should remember while their work:

  • Try to do all that work, the house owner do in his or her daily routine.
  • You should introduce yourself with your owner neighbors and be sociable too.
  • You should ask about meter for gas and electricity with the home before the house owner leave.
  • Do work what they ask you to do.
  • You have remember to give house keys back before you are leaving.

Below here some 'DON'T' that a sitter should remember while their work:

  • Never invite your friends without house owner permission in their home.
  • Never do anything that your homeowner get disappointed.
  • Don't clean too much just be left as the owner like it or left the way they leave.

How much you should pay a house sitter?

If you are hiring a house sitter for the first time then you are hesitate about how much you should pay a house, then it is very easy you pay your sitter base on her work or what are you asking to do your sitter.

Where you can find good house sitter?

There are many of websites now where you can contact with house sitters. But there are few number of website where you can get faithful, trustful, honest sitter who are truly ensure you that they will take care of your home in your absence and we provide the best house in the whole world. Now stop hesitate and go for a worry free holiday. Just log on to perfect house sitter and register with us.

If you are hiring a house sitter that's not mean you home will be safe and secure always. There are many fake website who are promoting mock advertisements. So before hiring a sitter you should be careful and need to check his or her past record because they can damage your beloved home.

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