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Whatever the reasons for selling your business, it is never an easy decision to make. Whether you want to sell your business because you can no longer manage it, or you want to sell it to make time for something else in your life, the decision to selling your own business brings about many doubts. One of the more important aspects is whether you have all the critical information needed to begin the process of selling. This hinges on the industry it belongs to.

When you say you're thinking of selling your long term care business, the general impression could be that you cater only to healthcare needs, and specifically, nursing homes. Nothing could probably be farther from the truth.

The same rules that apply to sale of a business also apply to selling your long term care business.

Taking the decision to sell your business

Whether you're looking at selling your long term care business or whether you're simply an entrepreneur, a startup, or a small to mid-sized company, there are a number of reasons you may look at selling out:

> You're not able to manage the firm any longer

> Your interests and passions have shifted elsewhere

> You want your time spent on other avenues and not this particular business

Analyze your business


Take a long, critical look at how your business has developed. If you're into a niche industry like nursing, retirement homes, or long term care, selling your business may require a sound study of the market.

> Is your business interesting for buyers? Remember, they're going to invest their money

> Is it running profitably? If you're thinking of selling your long term care business, it will help to have a strong record showing profits

> What are the chances of it continuing to grow and expand? Will it prove to be profitable for the investor?

Taking the plunge

> Before you take the plunge, learn as much as you can about making the sale. You may need to study the market and also details about the market situation in health industry. This will help you value your assets appropriately.

> It helps to educate yourself on the kind of value additions that healthcare industry owners seek in this. Research and analyze existing deals to understand what finally helps lock the deal. Such studies can help provide useful pointers for the sale of your firm and prevailing market conditions.

> If you do not have the bandwidth to educate yourself, pull in professionals. You may need help with legal, financial and details on selling a business. Not only do professionals understand how to value your business, they will also help you find the best deal.

> Long term care is a significant component within the healthcare industry; as a result, selling a firm in this category can benefit from a study of the landscape, including rest homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, etc.

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