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As a home business owner, you are taught to believe that spending tons on buying leads and putting large numbers of people in your down line is the only way to build a huge down line, encourage duplication and succeed in right? Popular as this belief is, I am not only about to reveal an interesting but shocking phenomenon but also a plan of action that if you really “get” could very well cause a big paradigm shift in the way you run your business…

First off, when it comes to growth and success in your home business, the determining factor(s) that decides if your home business will be a success or failure is not what you are led to believe. It is a completely different set of factors that really decide this…….a set of factors that very few people know.

We are led to believe that if we can just keep on sponsoring and sponsoring and sponsoring reps, duplication will automatically kick in and your team will start growing and everyone can then retire to a life of comfort and financial security right?

Yeah, right!

No wonder there's such a high failure rate in the home business arena.

Thr truth is….it doesn't happen that way and your success is not directly proportional to your recruiting powers alone. It's not all about how many you can bring in, it's all about something else..


It's all about how much you can control who comes in and how you can also control their efforts to bring other people themselves.

A little bit vague?

We'd explain more in a moment..

You see, the more in control of your home business, your marketing and your team growth you are, the more you succeed and the more you win

You see an opportunity that has massive potential and you get in.

Next, you place ads and generate prospects for that opportunity among whom you recruit a few to partner with you on the opportunity.

Then comes the issue of duplication. Duplication kicks in not automatically but because you ACTIVELY pre-empt it by using the principle of ad cooping. Your recruits sponsor their own recruits not because they know how to or because they know that's what they are to do but because you impress upon them and bring them together to act as one via coops.

They duplicate because they get to leverage your experience and marketing know how to tap into quality traffic sources to grow their business they individually wouldn't have known existed. And even more, they'll continue to duplicate because of the success they are seeing, because by controliing their duplication efforts by coops and joint marketing, you provide results for them

80% of the success of your home business hinges on your ability to control the duplication efforts of the few people you bring into your business and not on your personal recruiting abilities alone.

By controlling their duplication efforts, you become indirectly responsible for the recruitment of hundreds and thousands of other reps into the business. You become the very machine that drives your business, your recruits and your income forward.

And even better, in time, a few of your recruits will catch on to what you are doing and start controlling the duplication efforts of their own teams, running coops of their own and growing the team even faster. They know what and what has worked for you and then take control of their businesses themselves because they have indirectly learned the works from you. Here you are golden.

This is how massive duplication and success happens.

This is the 1 true secret to success in the home business arena

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