Make Money Surveys

How do you feel about your products or services?

Do you feel that they are very valuable in terms of how much your prospects can get from them?

Do you feel that they will get their money's worth even though they may be a little more expensive then what they'll find in the store?

Why do I ask these questions?

Your prospects is going to buy more into how you feel and believe in the product or services than the actual price of it.

Not to call your prospects a horse, but you can actually lead a horse to water and have him drink it if you put salt in it's oats.

The relation in terms of how you feel about your offer will definitely determine your results. If there is no type of connection or interest in your product except for the money you can make, then you'll definitely have a hard time getting sales.

Have you ever been to a store or restaurant where the employees really seem like they hate their jobs? There was just no type of enthusiasm in their position and they feel they have to be their just so that they can pay the bills?

How was their service?

More than likely, it wasn't all that great and you probably told yourself that you'll never go back as well as recommended to your peers to never go there. Especially if the food was “overpriced”.

Was the real reason because the food was overpriced or was it the bad service there?

If you're a computer geek like I am, have you ever wondered why apple computers are selling more even though they cost more than your regular PCs?

Why do you think that is?



Before I go into this, I like to tell you a short story.

As you know, new cars have an Ipod connection so that you can just plug in your Ipod and listen to music on the road. Especially if you plan on traveling far, you can listen to hours upon hours of music that you like instead of the radio.

Before that time, you had to buy a separate Ipod hook up to put in your car from a department store like Target or Walmart. They would usually cost between $80 to $120 dollars. Knowing this, being the miser that I was, I thought I could get a better deal.

I happen to find out that I could. One day at the gym, I ran into someone that was selling them for $20 each. He gave me a demonstration on the sound quality, it sounded great, so I went ahead and bought it. 2 weeks later, it stopped working and the guy that sold it to me was never to be found.

Now imagine if I did and bought another one, then 2 weeks later it stops working, then anther one and so on. Since there's 52 weeks in a year, divide that by half since it works only for 2 weeks, that's 26 weeks. Multiply 26 weeks times $20 that'll leave you with $520 you spent by the end of the year if you kept on purchasing it.

Since I didn't find the salesman, I went ahead and bought an ipod hook up for $100, and it lasted me for about 3 years. Compared that to $520 for one year?

Just from this situation, which is more important, Price or Cost? The price may be great on savings at first but what will it cost you in the future?

It's one thing that they can't afford it at that moment, but sometimes if people really want something, they'll find a way to get it. Especially if they're getting more than their money's worth.

So if you're product or services bring a lot more valuable than expected, and your prospects tell you that it's too expensive, ask them “Is it the price or the cost you have a problem with”?

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