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The building energy rating (BER) is the energy efficiency of your home or building and gives an estimate of how much energy your building consumes. The rating offered varied from A to G and is provided for commercial as well as residential buildings. The 'A' stands for the most energy efficient whereas the 'G' stands for least energy efficient building in terms of energy consumed. The BER cert contains the BER number, the date of issue, the expiration date, the assessor and the company who assessed the home. BER assessors will help you get your home assessed for its energy efficiency.

BER certificate is mandatory for all houses from the year 2009 onwards. These certificates are necessary irrespective of if the house is leased, rented or sold to other customers. You are entitled to a BER cert if you are buying, renting or leasing a home and you need to ask the landlord for the certificate. So make sure that you get these certificates since they will allow you to estimate what is the efficiency of the building to understand how much power your building will consume or what precautions you can take to reduce the energy consumption of the building.


BER assessors make sure that your home is well sealed. Your home is either naturaly ventilated or else it is mechanically made to ventilate. In both cases it is necessary for the ventilation to be controlled and should be designed to operate in a controlled atmosphere. For healthy living, your home needs to be properly ventilated but excess ventilation can lead to massive damages in the building as well as lead to excessive power consumption. These assessors make sure that your building is properly analyzed and effective measures are taken to maintain the ventilation at a certain level.

The assessors are made to visit your home and make sure that your ventilation system and power consumption is properly addressed. They also conduct a thermal imaging and thermal bridge analysis as a part of Part(L) compliance for homes. After the survey is completed, they will help the resident know about the various problems that can put him or the building at risk and the changes that could be done in order to prevent these damages. A list of alternative changes is also shown to the resident who can inculcate them into his home to reduce the consumption of power supply.

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