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Have you ever talk yourself out of things you wanted to do? A lot of us tend to feel inadequate or undeserving when it comes to the things we want.

We ask ourselves either “Why would I deserve something like this?” or “Am I good enough to achieve that goal?”

When we do this, we tend to make accuses why we can't do something. But what's amazing are those people who are like us who took a bite out of the bullet and ran with it. So what was it about them that had them running until they achieved their goals?

Have you ever seen athletes, no matter what sport, they do some type of ritual before going into action. It's almost like they were praying to themselves. And if they don't get distracted, they hit their target despite the pressure.

Well this thing that they do tends to apply to anything, not just sports. We all experience that thing where everything seem to go perfect.

Have you ever been so fixated on something, that you don't hear or pay attention to anything that's going around you. You come to this place in your mind where you're just at peace with yourself and you feel like you can do just about anything.

Well this thing goes quite well with your network marketing business and the strategies you may use in order to grow it. This thing, this space in your mind, is your vortex.


There's many ways to get into you vortex. One thing that matters, and you more than likely heard this at your network marketing meetings or training calls, is that you need to focus those things that's going to help you become a better person.

Anything that will give you PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) whether its reading, writing, listening to audios, or hanging out with positive people that's going to uplift you.

A lot of people use affirmations everyday. This approach really doesn't work for me. I use affirmations which I got from Noah St. John's “The Secret Code Of Success”.

With affirmations, instead of making statements, you ask yourself questions so that you can automatically come up with answers. For example, with affirmations you would state “I'm going to be a success in my business next year.” This is a great statement, but in actually a lot of us don't believe it. With affirmations you ask yourself “Why will I be a success next year?” When you ask this, you come up with answers to why you will be successful which is more believable.


I got the idea of The Vortex from reading Esther and Jerry/Abraham Hicks book “The Vortex”. As they explained, this is the perfect YOU. Whatever you believe in, you can say this Perfect YOU is the positive energy, your higher self, source energy, God in you.

When you're able to reconnect with Your Vortex, everything just seem to work out no matter what obstacles come your way because you'll see these obstacles as a way to learn more and grow. Just like when you hear people say that they love a challenge, it gives them the opportunity to expand.

You probably heard the expression “The more no's you get, it gets you closer to a yes”. It's an affirmation to me, but you can also ask “With the no's that I get, what can I learn from them in order to get better at talking to people?”

When it comes to your vortex there's no right or wrong, good or bad, there just is. And depending on what you want, your vortex is there to help you attract it.

So when you feel like you're not going anywhere with your network marketing home business, you're disconnect to your vortex. Find a way to get back into your vortex whether it be going to trainings, reading good books, or saying afformations. As long as you're in your vortex, things will feel as you want them to be. You will radiate something that will attract people to you which in turn will help your business grow.

How do you stay positive about your business? Please comment and share. I look forward to reading your comments!

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