Money Makes Money

I wanted to talk about an often misunderstood industry and mislead in many ways and that is the Network Marketing industry.I have heard it all through out the years all about the pyramid schemes and the too good to be true and all the rest of the hog wash.

The truth is and because I am living proof this business is what you make of it,there are good companies and not so good ones,I have seen people make it really big here and some who fall right on they're face.

I have read where people critic the Network Marketing business and say how the ones at the top make all the money and yet they are the ones reading and watching the videos because they are too lazy to get up and do anything about they're mediocre lives.

I'm not one to judge I have been there too but I thankfully did something about it,but getting back to Network Marketing the concept is very simple everybody does Network Marketing everyday they just don't know they're doing it and are not getting paid to do it.

Lets just say

Example lets say Amy goes to the hair salon and gets her hair done she likes it so much that she goes and tells her friend Tarah,Tarah goes and gets her hair done she likes it so much she recommends the stylist to Susan ect.

Take it easy

Thats all this business (Network Marketing) is recommend and promote something and collect a check simple,but I know I know you must be saying whats the catch there has to be a catch right?

Let be honest

Well honestly if that's what you're expecting that's what you're going to get I mean what other industry can you get started at such a low price,and make as much money as you possibly can make?

Lets do the comparision

Where e;se do you come into a business where the people you work with have the same dreams and goals as you do and actually want you to succeed and do better than they did,but this business(Network Marketing) is all about.

What other industry lets you work at your own pace and they train you it's like going to business school for free,you get a real life business education without the threat of taking a test and if you fail your kicked out.

Here the more you fail the better you are because that's saying you're giving it your best shot and nobody can take that away from you.I know I know Charlie its easy for you to say you're at the top already,well yes but I wasnt born there you only see the success but the all the struggle I had to get there.

Well that's my take in all this to each his own just remember the road to success starts here.

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