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With advancements in technology, ways in which companies are promoting their products are quickly morphing. Companies that were inclined to traditional ways of promotion such as advertising are now resulting to more creative ways such as network marketing.

Network marketing is when a company outsources people to aid in marketing. For example, a cosmetics company may hire independent salesmen or women to help in selling their wares to their network of friends and family. Network marketing is proving to be a viable option to a home based business to many. Now that we have some knowledge on what network marketing is, let's see the benefits to network marketing especially to the person that results to it as a home based business:

Assured market

Most assuredly, the companies you partner with are companies that provide quality products. These are products that the people around you are greatly in need of. This will assure you of a ready market and exempt you the hassle of having to take back products.

Minimal risk

One of the greatest considerations of people starting a home based business is the risks associated with the business they want to start. Many people lean towards business ideas that are associated with little risk, such as network marketing. The cost of building your network marketing business is pocket change compared to the cost of starting a traditional company.

Potential to earn much

In network marketing, there is no limit to the money that you can earn as opposed to a nine-to-five job that limits you to your salary. Network marketing as a home based business therefore provides one with the opportunity to earn a lot. The money you earn is greatly dependent on your efforts and skills at marketing.

Some financial freedom

With the current struggle with inflation people are constantly on the look for ways in which they can earn some extra income. In network marketing, there is the allure of earning some extra income on the side to give you some financial freedom as well as some control on your finances.


The rules to how you go about selling your wares are not written down on stone tablets. In fact, network marketing provides myriad ways to promoting and selling products. One may for example, use the telephone potential customers or even emailing. This might also be a great opportunity to use your large number of friends on Facebook.

With the increasing competition in the business world, companies will always be on the look for ways to get to people at a personal level. Network marketing is one of the most efficient ways to doing so and thus an assured source of employment to any person hoping to start a home based business.

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