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Brushing your own pet's fur by using a slicker brush is among the easiest but most overlooked doggy grooming activity. A few pet owners may be aware about it however, this procedure really has many advantages to your own pet's health and contentment.

Examples of these positive aspects include, building up the bond between you and your doggy, the ability to look at your pet's entire body for any problems, encouraging good blood circulation, keeping their own skin and fur really clean and many more. The actual activity should typically be conducted on a daily basis or at the very least 2 or 3 periods weekly for five to fifteen minutes by using a slicker brush. This is particularly necessary if your doggy has got long and frizzy hair to help avoid fur matting.

Numerous dogs actually take pleasure in this particular process. A few canines actually dash to their owner's side as soon as they see them pick-up the dog brush. With that being said you can also find some dogs that seem to utterly dislike the task.

In this article I'll be talking about three big reasons why certain pets apparently dislike having their own fur brushed.

Why don't we get started?

#1. An awful exposure to the process

This is certainly among the most well-known reasons why your dog might dislike the brushing process. Your family dog might have been traumatised for the duration of the procedure in the past by using the inappropriate brush or was brushed way too intensely.

Don't forget that pets are very impressionable and one single terrible experience can cause them to stay away from the process altogether. This is exactly why it's essential that you make the doggy brushing process pleasing and great.

#2. You utilized the incorrect dog brush

This is certainly one more basic blunder a good number of pet owners commit. There are several sorts of doggy brushes in the marketplace presently and only some of them will function very well with your doggy. When brushing your dog I highly advice that you opt for an excellent 'slicker brush'. A great dog slicker brush is usually delicate on your pet's skin and coat but can still do its job effectively.

One more thing to bear in mind is to under no circumstances let the doggy brush's selling price determine whether you actually should buy it or not. You should always look at the brush's quality first given that with regards to doggy grooming equipment you usually get what you actually pay for.

#3. Your canine friend wasn't acclimated to the process

This is the reason why I usually advice that pet owners expose new routines like doggy grooming or doggy training to their own puppies as fast as possible. Your adult doggy may perhaps just be uncertain of the procedure simply because it was never exposed to them before. It's not that they dislike having their own coat brushed it is not really something they've came across before. For people with a doggy of this nature then it is very important that you actually introduce the procedure to them bit by bit. Never rush and move it one step at a time. You should also make the particular process as entertaining as you possibly can.

There you go!

As we say “knowing is actually half the battle” and so I really hope that by simply understanding the reasons why your dog seem to dislike the procedure can help you understand your canine friend more. Truth be told, you'll soon possess a doggy that loves to be brushed by simply presenting the brushing process using a dog slicker brush to your own doggy slowly and making it fun.

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