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Getting the design and colour of bathroom tiles right is essential for a good finish to every bathroom. Choosing the right make, size and pattern is essential, but many homeowners don't know where to start. If you want to make sure that your bathroom looks great, then you need to consider all of the options available in the Perth region, and decide which one will suit your needs best. If you are planning on tiling your own bathroom, then these decision can be even more critical, and understanding what tiles can offer you is vital to making the right choice.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles

The traditional bathroom planner will usually go for ceramic or porcelain tile every time. There are a vast range of different types of tiles to choose from in this selection, from stone or wood styles that can make a big impression on a bathroom, to more modern colours and styles, all of which will change the way that the bathroom looks. There are several considerations for homeowners before choosing these types of tiles. Firstly, these tiles are less easy to cut and install than other versions, and may chip easily. Secondly, homeowners need to look at the size of the tile, and work out how it will fit into their bathroom. In a large room, small tiles can look swamped, and may be lost among other Bathroom Fittings that Perth homeowners have installed, while in a smaller bathroom, large tiles can dominate the room, looking ungainly and making everything in the room seem small. These are important choices when finding the best option for tiles.

Modern tiles

In addition to ceramic or porcelain, it is now possible to buy vinyl tile. These are often chosen by homeowners because they are warm to the touch, and can also be cut down into perfect shapes when tiling around previously fitted bathroom vanities. Perth homeowners may find that these modern tiles are now almost able to match ceramic tile for colour and style, and can be as attractive as any of the traditional tile. They are also well suited to self-installation, which can make the tiles the most cost-effective and practical choice for the keen DIY fan. It is also possible to buy them with self-adhesive glue, which makes them easier to apply than plastering which is used to apply traditional tiles.

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