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Many of you have told many people to check out your opportunity to find out that they never do. You know that you have a really great opportunity but you're having a hard time getting people to even glance at your presentation.

What can you do about this?

Before you can do anything it's best to understand how the majority of people think.

Let's take this scenario:

  • Let's say you're about to go out of town and you want to take your laptop to do some work.
  • You have a neighbor that happens to be a computer technician.
  • You go over his house, have small talk and then you tell him “Say Curtis, check on my laptop, it's been running slow.”
  • One of two things will happen. Either he'll be reluctant to do it and not do a good job, or he'll tell you to take a hike and not do it at all.

What if you changed your approach by asking him his opinion on your slow your computer. You say “Curtis I was wonder if I can get your opinion on something. My laptop has been running slow lately and I did what you told me last year. I defragged it, but still having problems. I don't know why it's still slow and don't know what else to do. Do you have any other ideas on how to make it faster?”

Do you think he'll be more willing to look at your laptop?

What Is Human Nature When It Comes To Cooperation?

Nobody likes a Micro-Manager over them.

This is why so many people want to start a home business so that they can be their own boss. People want the freedom to make their own choices, but most important of all, they want to feel valued by others.

Industrial psychologists have found that in order for people to cooperate in the workplace, it's best to get their brains to working and value their ideas to get them working at their best.

Now imagine how this will work when you expose people to your opportunity?

This is why target marketing is so vital in really getting your business going. If you just started a network marketing home business in the financial industry wouldn't it more wiser to target people interested or already in it?

Now imagine if you just started in the finance industry and by coincidence you know a couple of people in it as well. You approach them the same way you would approach Curtis in the second example, do you think they would be more likely to look into what you market?

Of course they would. Why? Because you value their opinion and they can sense that.

Now It's Your Turn

How do you get people or prospects to cooperate with you? Please share and comment below. I look forward to reading them!!!

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