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There are many people who think that their property is strong enough and well constructed and if you are one among them then make sure that you check the BER rating of your property in order to find out the energy rating of your property. There are a number of agencies which are offering the best energy consultation services. Thus you could contact an agency which you feel that it is best in order to find out the BER rating of your building.

It is the BER cert which reveals the rating of your property and A1 indicates a top rated property as per the BER scaling while G indicates poor rated property. There are also few agencies which are providing the guidance to their clients on how to improve their building BER score. Moreover BER rating plays a very crucial role while selling your property. In fact a property with good BER rating will always have a good value in the market while a property with poor BER rating will not have a demand in the market. Thus you need make sure that you follow all the necessary tips to enhance your property rating.


Here are some tips for you which are easy to follow to enhance your BER score

  • Property owners need to make sure that they increase the levels of insulation floors, attic and walls.
  • A cylinder with lagging jacket will also help the property owners in improving their BER rating
  • Insulated plasterboard needs to be installed on the internal walls of your building to improve the rating of your property.
  • Installation of the controlled vents in every room of your building will result great benefits.
  • Make sure that you use efficient doors and windows in order to improve the energy score of your property. Installing the triple glazing windows or double glazing windows in your building will result in decreased heat loss through windows.
  • Usage of efficient heating systems like boilers will help the property owners in enhancing the energy rating of their building.
  • Usage of modern heating controls will also help the building owners to improve the energy rating of their building.

Following the above tips before the arrival of the BER assessors will help you in getting a BER certificate with good rating. Besides, you need to remember that a BER certificate will not be valid for more than 2 years. Thus, you could approach a firm which is providing the BER certification services at a best price for you.

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