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How many of you actually sit down and study each product/services or at least educated yourself on the industry? Are you more focused on making money more so than having knowledge on what you're marketing?

Many of us network marketing are so focused on the money that we can make, that we don't pay attention to the products/services that are the reason why the company is up and running. We only see the company as an avenue to take in order to get the lifestyle we want.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great goal to have.

If we don't see for ourselves the potential of financial growth, then we wouldn't get involved, right?

But here's the real problem….

A lot of us don't grow in the industry because we only focus on making money.

If y ou're not taking the time to learn about the industry, products, or services then I believe you're hindering your own success.

If you don't make time, no matter how busy you are, then why would success make time for you?

But one thing that many successful entrepreneurs in this industry do is market their products or services over their business opportunity first and have a good working knowledge of them.


To be honest with you, No.

You would probably overwhelm yourself by trying to know everything.

That's like trying to know everything about electricity before you switch on the lights in your house. Too much information for to do something simple.

You just need to know enough to draw interest. Ask great, empowering questions to see what their interest or focus is.

But here's something to think about…

In order for you to actually start a business, you need some type of products or services to market to people. Marketing something that really resonates with you can be exciting, and when people can feel that, then it's easier to sell it to them.

One thing I want to get across is that people buy into you as a person first. Lead with yourself and let your products or business come second.

For those that have a lot of interest in your products or services, keep them posted on the benefits of all what you market. If you're company has a huge inventory, pick the couple of ones you like, learn about them, and keep them posted on just that few.

Another thing you have to understand is…


Here's something simple that took me a while to understand. I use to think that if you buy my products or services, then obviously you should become an entrepreneur, right?

Well, that depends on the person.

You may have the greatest comp plan and system in the world, but it's up to that person to decide whether they want to make a business out of it or not.

It would be great if they did since they love the product or services so much. They would definitely find success. But if it's not their calling, then why shove it down their throats? You may lose a good client from doing that.


One famous question that I got from Zig Ziglar is “Is it the Price or Is it the Cost you have a problem with”?

Some people will buy something only because it's cheaper without any regard of the value it gives. Just because the Price is great doesn't mean it's going to cost you in the long run.

Make sure you do your research on how people can benefit from your product or services. Are they going to get their money's worth where it's not going to cost them on the long run no matter what the price is?

In a lot of ways, more expensive can be great because your customer is definitely going to get their money's worth as well as you get a higher commission. Keep that in Mind!

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