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OK, you started your network marketing home business and you want to tell all of your family and friends. Your excited, but yet anxious, and yet you really want their support but not sure how they will react.

You ask yourself “Will they ask how much money I make?”, “Will they think it's a pyramid scheme?”, “Will they think I'm an idiot for starting one?” But then you think, this my family and friends, of course they'll be supportive of me.

So you go back and forth and finally you build the courage to tell them all. Next thing you know, you tell them, and tell you everything that can go wrong with your business. They give you this look of condemnation and shake their head in disbelief.

This has happened to many of us in network marketing and lot of us have quit the industry just so that we wouldn't look like a moron to our family and friends. It's funny that out of all the people, the people closest to you are unsupportive.

Why is that?

For one, these are the people that known you all of your life. They have a certain image of you and will not let you out of that box. These people are the type of people that goes off of what they see on TV. A lot of them do not see a network marketing business as a real business. Some see an entrepreneur as a certain way which they consider that doesn't fit you. While others see you as either too timid, irresponsible, unprofessional, clumsy, dumb, and whatever negative description that you can think of.


T here was a saying that went something like “the only way some people have success is by putting others down”. This is true when it comes to those people who bring you down on your decision. But lets go a little deeper. Why are these people so critical and negative?

When people are like this, it's really a reflection on themselves. They like to point the finger why you won't succeed, but yet they forget they have 3 fingers pointing back at them. Every negative word about you that comes out of their mouth are reasons why they themselves never succeeded and their belief in themselves. Some say it to protect you while others are just haters.

These toxic people would rather take the easy route and criticize others that are going after their dreams whether than take the risk in going after their own dreams. The good thing is that there's a lot of people who are just like you that's going through the same thing and you can definitely find them and support each other.


You can't really do anything about toxic people unless they're willing to change themselves, but one thing you can do is be around more positive people that will help you keep going. The great thing about the network marketing industry is that there are a lot of positive people who are committed to what they do. These are the type of people you want to hang with.

If you really want to live and get out of mediocrity, you're doing the right thing by taking a risk and going after your dreams. Do what you gotta do to stay positive and focused. One book I really do recommend is Esther and Jerry Hick's “The Vortex”. We all have this powerful energy inert each and every one of us. We were really connected to it as babys and toddlers, but as the years went by, we strayed away from it more and more. The book talks about reconnecting with this powerful positive source so that we can make the best out of life and achieve what we want.

So how do you stay positive and persevere with the toxic people in your life? Please comment below. I look forward to reading them!

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