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One of the hardest thing to do for many people, including myself at times, is walking up to people and start a friendly conversation. A lot of us really want other people to make the first move, and once that is done, we adjust to them.

But if you have a bunch of people who have the same thinking, then there will be no progress in getting to know people. This can definitely be damaging to your network marketing home business. Something has got to change!

Then you have those people that no matter where they go, they can make friends easily. Doesn't that make you feel jealous?

It amazes me when people can do that. It's almost like it's poetry in motion. They go up to them and out of the blue they're joking around and laughing as if they known each other for the longest.

Just think how this would benefit you if you were able to open up and engage in a conversation with someone you don't even know, but yet you two act like you both grew up together in the same town and went to the same schools.

This will definitely help you with your business and change the way you prospect. You can easily get prospects to warm up to you and build a lasting trust. With that in mind, sponsoring more people into y our business becomes a lot more easy than before.

Now we have to figure out what's wrong with us?


Many of us have the fear of meeting people. We feel that people are going to reject us for who we are. This shows a lack of self confidence in ourselves. If we feel , believe, and focus on this, chances are you're going to drive people away. Why? Whatever you think is either come out through your words or your body language.

Your mind is a powerful machine and whatever you put on it can definitely become your reality. Some of us can become over bearing by trying so hard to be liked by others. Even to the point where other's think we're “putting on an act”. If you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you came across people online who really try hard to get you to like them, but yet it wasn't genuine to you. You usually wait on them to try to pitch you on something whenever this happen.

How can we turn this around?


With the mindset that you expect people to like you for who you are shows a lot of confidence. If you want to build your business, your self confidence is definitely going to attract prospects to you.

When you can really like yourself, it also shows in your words and body language. You carry yourself in a certain way, having people in wonder who you are and how you are as a person. When you can project that you're going places, people become curious and want to know more about you .

One great, simple ice breaker is smiling at others. If you're out doing a network marketing blitz, going up to strangers, best thing to do is be inviting by smiling genuinely at others. This shows that you're friendly and harmless.

So the secret behind people making friends wherever they go is that they expect people to like them. On top of that, if some people don't like them, they really don't care and more than likely they probably wouldn't want that type of person in their life anyways. This definitely applies to your business when you're qualifying prospects. It's your choice to sponsor the prospects that you want to work with.

Are you the type of person who have a hard time meeting people or do you make friends easily? Please share and comment below. I look forward to reading your comments!!!

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