From Home To Work

In ancient times were people more motivated than we are today? Did they get to sit around and wonder what they were going to eat for the day? NO! They had to be self motivated. And why did they have to be motivated? The reason is straightforward; if they were not motivated then they would starve to death. Simply apply this principle and you will begin to learn your financial success motivation.

What drives you to succeed? Let's do an activity before continuing on; take out a pen and paper and create a list of what drives you to succeed.


Hopefully you have a fairly decent list. On your list you may see:

  • Car loan
  • Vacation
  • Food to buy
  • Living the life of TIME and NO worries

Once we see our list does it make you have butterflies in your stomach knowing that you could pay your car off, buy a house, provide for your family? I know that the butterflies are fluttering right now in my stomach! I have paid off loans, gone on vacation, and purchased vehicles with cash. How did I do that? Desire to succeed which leads to my financial success motivation!

We have established the desire, now do we just sit back and cross our fingers that the money will come bounding in our front door? NO! Let us dig in deep and for once have what we picture in life. If you have not noticed your desire is your motivation. Whatever the drive is within you, what does it all have in common? The key ingredient to success is money and monthly income. We need to think outside of the bubble to understand that we need a source of income and not just any income, residual income.

For me that extra source of income was starting a home based business. My financial success motivation drives me to my desk each and every morning. My mornings are set aside for the business and then afterwards I continue on with my day. It is an astonishing feeling being able to set my own schedule and enjoy my home based business.

In conclusion, do you want to be pro-active and achieve your desires to unlock your financial success motivation? Choose to be like our ancestors and not like the majority of people today. Work for what you want in life; dig down deep and find your motivation by first finding your desires and second looking into residual income opportunities. Your financial success motivation is within reach and in order to succeed we must first believe.

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