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Everyone of us has some internal needs that we want to fulfill. Whenever we see something being advertised that we really like we get emotionally charged.

Case Scenario: Lets say you're looking into purchasing a new car.

You go to the car dealership and see all of these beautiful cars which can be difficult to choose one. A good salesman walks up to you, compliments you, and ask if you need any help.

You give him an idea of what type of car you want. He tells you to follow him and he shows you a set of course that correlate to the type of car you want.

He may give you a run down of the cars, and ask you which car you like and why. You tell him what type of car and tell him why. He compliments your reason and may ask you how does it make you feel.

So he ask you if you want to take it for a test drive. You answer yes. So you both hop in and take it for a spin around the block. As you're drive, he ask you how does the car feel to you. You tell him how great it feels and he agrees with you.

He goes over the fact that you like what you see and you like how it feels. The car goes along the lines of what you like and he ask you if you're ready to purchase. You say yes, and by the end of the day you have a new car.

This may sound easier said than done, but hopefully you got the gist of it. When you focus on getting the opinions of your prospects instead of telling them how great your opportunity, products or services is, you have a better chance of piquing their interest.

The real kicker is getting their emotions involved. The majority of people buy off of emotion and how they feel.

What Blocks People From Making Sales?

They only talk about how they feel about their offer. Here's the thing. YOUR PROSPECTS DON'T CARE!!! Especially if they didn't ask you how you feel about it.

They're only focus is what's in it for them. If they don't find your offer valuable to them, then they're not going to buy.

If your more concern about their needs and ask them how they feel about your offer, then they are more open to look more into it. If you get them really emotionally charged about it, then they're more than likely going to purchase.

Being able to bring out an internal need and fulfill it will definitely make you look good as a network marketer. In my previous post Asking Qualifying Questions So Your Prospects Convince You I talk about asking the “why” question to see why they want to fulfill that need and what have they done about it.

The emotion questions like “How do feel about..” really gets them charged up.

For example:

You: Why do you want to make an extra $300/month?

Prospect: So I can pay off bills and really give me kids what they want

You: I understand being limited about what you can give to your kids. How does that make you feel?

Prospect: It doesn't make me feel like a great father and provider being so limited. I want to feel like I have more control over my life and not so worthless.

You: If I can show you a way where you can fulfill that, would you be interested.

Prospect: That would mean the world to me!!!

Being able to sale anything is being able to help. How do you know if you can help someone? By asking great questions!

If you had any positive prospecting experiences, please share below. I look forward to reading your comments!!!

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