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Probably the most important skills you will ever want to enhance is your listening skills. Why? Because people loved to be listened to. How many times has someone bored you because they were talking so much about themselves? Especially a fellow network marketer talking about how great their company and products are.

You've probably said to yourself many times “Do they really believe I really care?” We all know that you're not a mean, rude person, but we all been there and done that. Now imagine if you bragging about yourself, your network marketing company and it's products. Do You believe people really feel the same way you do when they brag about themselves and what they do? Of Course! How about when you only listen just to respond? You know when you tell someone something you did and they try to top it. Why? Because you tend to make them feel small.

If you were to say you bought a classic 1957 Chevy with a 300 cubic engine, then your friend would say that he/she had bougth a 1956 Chevy with a 350 cubic engine. This is definitely a no, no. This can definitely repel potential customers or business partners from you. Listening, as simple as it is, can be the most difficult thing for anyone to do. But it doesn't have to be if you really focus and put it to use. When you master it, you'll feel more self confident and intelligent to others.

7 Ways To Practice and Improve Your Listening

The following is what I got from Les Giblin's book “How to Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People”

Look at the person who is talking – It's rude to look away when someone is talking to you. Practice looking at them which will definitely help you concentrate.Appear Deeply Interested

In What They Have To Say – Respond to what they have to say. If you agree, nod your ahead. If they tell you a joke, laugh.

Lean towards to person who is talking to you – Notice when a movie is interesting or what a person is talking about is interesting, you have the tendency to learn forward. If it's dull, you lean back.

Ask questions – This is a great way to respond and it lets them know that you're listening and interested

Don't interrupt; instead, ask them to tell you more – Many people love it when you ask them to go into more detail about the subject they're talking about. If you're going to interrupt them, make sure it's about a subject they're focused on.

Stick to the speakers subject – Make sure you don't change the subject until they finished no matter how anxious you are to start a new one.

Use the speakers words in order to get your own point across – When they finished with the subject repeat some of the things they said using their own words. Also this would be a great way to introduce your own ideas and opinions.

I have to admit, it can be quite difficult for me to listen and put these skills to use, but the point of it all is to get better at it. These 7 tips can definitely help you improve your relation with others, especially your prospects.

Now It's Your Turn

How well do you listen to others before you present you business opportunity? Please share this post and comment below. I definitely look forward to reading them!!!

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