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Sometimes a garage sale can be very discouraging. A car drives up and drives off. People get out their car and never make it past your first table. Here are 5 tips that may make you next garage sale a winner!


  • Why are You Having the Sale? Are you trying to make money or are you just trying to make space in your garage by getting rid of things? Have a clear idea before you start. If you just want it gone, you should be prepared to negotiate. If you're trying to make money and your next stop is eBay, then you're going to want to stick to your guns. Be sure, though, that you have a clear idea of what your collectibles and higher ticket items are worth.
  • Take a Hint from a Department Store. Display! Tables stuffed with stuff aren't very inviting. Try to put some good looking, key items up front. For example, if you have a rack jammed with clothes, pick out one of two special outfits and hang them so they're clearly on display. Group items together so that all kitchen items are together and all tools are in another spot. Just like a store, try to arrange things so people walk through your entire range of merchandise. You can do this by displaying some “top sellers” in clear view but in the back of the sale. And, don't forget some upbeat music. It works for stores – it will work for you.
  • Advertise! OK, your advertising is going to be signs to bring the customers to your door. Make sure they are large enough to be readable. Each sign should have all the pertinent information – days of the sale, opening and closing time of the sale plus a directional arrow. Make sure your signs are close enough together to lead the potential buyer to your home instead of to a corner where they don't know whether to go left or right and give up.
  • Differentiate. All garage sales are sales to get rid of stuff. Make yours more attractive. If you're advertising on one of the free garage sale internet sites or just with your signs, try to give a reason for buyers to come. Moving sale is always good, but if you're staying put you might make a short list that says something like “Children's Clothes, Baby Furniture, and Sporting Goods”.
  • Be Careful and Safe. Keep your cash on you – not in a cash box that is sitting out while you help someone else. Make sure your garage is safe. The last thing you need is for a shopper to lean against the garage door button and have the door get stuck half up and half down. If you haven't had your yearly garage door maintenance, call a garage door maintenance company and have it done before the sale.
  • Great signs? Check! A good display? Right on! A clear idea of what you want to sell for how much? Way to go! A safe garage that has had garage door repair? You're protecting yourself and your customer – now, you're ready to bring in the money and get rid of the “stuff”.

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