I Need To Work From Home

I wanted to talk about something today that has been on my mind for a very long time and that is what I like to call a simple word …FEAR. What is fear what does it do and why is it such a powerful word when it is related to Network Marketing.

The truth is I don't know I have no idea what it is that gets some people to hold back from doing the very things they want or to go for their dreams rather than they let that fear get into their heads.

The truth is I am not a doctor or psychologist I wouldn't know what it is that makes people run for the hills scared out of their minds to do the very thing they should be doing to get rid of the jitters in their stomachs.

I know that when I wanted to start my Network Marketing business I had all those fears I had all the reasons not to make any calls that night I thought to myself, well it is time but everybody is eating dinner now, how would I like it if someone called me during dinner.

Another one was well they probably came home from work now and are taking a shower or resting up, who am I to call their house and disturb them when they are trying to get some rest, I'll call later, then later came and I would say, you know its late now so I will call first thing tomorrow and so on and so on and so on.

This dreaded idea in your head that is so damaging and yet so harmless that we do not understand that it is so easy to get rid of what ever we are afraid of, I mean how hard is it to do the very thing you are afraid to do,the very thing that you are scared to take action on.

I mean really what is the worst that can happen, you call a prospect and he says no,I mean is it the en of the world, did one of your body parts come off? It is your Network Marketing Business and yours only.

Is it going to cause the stock market to crash,I mean really?People the only way to get rid of the fear in your heart and your mind is simple take the action do that very thing you are afraid of and I guarantee you will take your business to the next level, you will have success.

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