Money Making Machine

The key to running a successful start up business is to be able to do something you love and to do something that gives you immediate profits. The first year of business is the most important, and if you cannot make profits right out of the gate, you run the risk of being out of business before the end of the year. One of the best ways to ensure that you will be profitable is to make sure that you are selling your profit for a substantial profit right at the start. If you start your business trying to low ball your competition, you will make initial sales, and then eventually find it difficult to maintain the company.

The problem with going low is you can never raise your price on your customers without losing them. One of the most profitable starts up businesses is adding names to printed apparel with service of iron on jersey numbers. The only starts up costs that are involved with this type of business are iron on names and buying a heat press machine. The initial outlay for the heat press will range from fifty dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the unit. When you are starting a new business it is always best to start small, but in this case because the price is so close you can't go wrong with any size press.


The next thing you will have to do is locate an online source for the iron on names. These names come in a large variety of sizes, fonts, colors, and shades. They can be purchased in bulk and will wind up costing you a few pennies per letter in most cases. Of course the bigger bulk lot you purchase, the lower the price per letter will be. The other advantage to getting the letters so cheap is that you can afford to practice with a few of them before you begin taking orders. The process is very simple to do, basically if you can use a household iron you can use a heat press.

Now, that you have your heat press and all your iron on names, it is time to get some business. Place a few free classified ads online, and create your our business page on many of the social media websites. These sites attract millions of visitors each day looking for opportunities to save money. The best part about creating your online presence this way is that you never have to spend a single dollar to reach your targeted audience.

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