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Window decor is something more than a mere decorator decisions, it is also very practical. Curtains, shutters, drapes, blinds or any of these decorations must have its function: it leaks or blocks the rays of sun, provides privacy, and in addition to these functions it has to look good.

There is an excellent window decor specialist serving Monroe area, most famous for its Monroe shutters and shades, that gave us some great tips and advices on how to decor like a pro. The windows are very grateful element in the room when it comes to decoration. This window treatment has recently moved from shop windows in private rooms or offices and other public spaces. Decoration of windows can be converted into a design challenge or a great investment. However, it is definitely worth it. If you ignore your windows by decorating another place in the room, there will be only 'naked' view from the window.

You can always do something with your windows to make them look effective and interesting, and also make your space refreshed with small investments.

Before you decide on the style and look of window decor, you have to deal with you own needs. How important the privacy is to you? Rooms on the ground floor that have a look at the street require more privacy.

You should consider the shades they have in Monroe. Which way are the rooms exposed? If you are facing south or west, then you will need a decor that will block the strong rays of the sun, while in cold climates, windows that faces the north must have a window decor that will help saving energy. While decorating or planning to decorate the windows one should consider its architectural fitting. When the window itself diminishes rather than enhances the space, weather the window is stocky, too thin or strangely positioned, decor can camouflage even architectural flaws, making the window inviting.

The opposite is when the windows are the largest architectural features of some rooms. In this case the modern philosophy of “less is more” may be accepted. It's a shame to hide the beauty of the window under the multitude of bundles and wrapped fabric. Jet, highlighted window decor can even overcome architecture. The fun begins: to find a solution for our personal style and thus complement the overall decor of the room. Perhaps the window can become the strongest expression of our room. Monroe shades should give you some inspiration. You should first choose the style of the design, will it be modern, traditional, country or eclectic. Be sure to harmonize it with the style of the room, in order to achieve the desired interior design. For example for traditional rooms vertical blinds can be too modern solution. Also, in the room with rustic decor the window decoration has to complete it with simple panels made from retro materials, and nostalgic or lace panels can be very effective. The colors, patterns and te

xtures are another design tools that play an important role in decorating the windows. If the room already has a bright, bold color of the wall, then a calmer shade would be more suitable for window decor. In a room without too much pattern on the walls and on the furniture, window can be an ideal opportunity that will provide visual movement and rhythm that template can provide. Remember that the window decor can have more than one template, with additional markings used on the main material, paneling and woodwork. Make sure the window decor inserts the appropriate texture to the balance of the room. Very often, the texture is not taken into consideration, although it may entirely change the ambience of the room. For strong, predominant, tree-filled space with a few upholstered pieces of furniture, choose a soft, sensual material for curtains, shutters, blinds or any other window decor material. In the room where the floor is carpeted, with walls of gypsum or plastered, consider wooden blinds for shade, to enter the warmth and natural wood color.

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