Ways To Make Money From Internet

Having a great business referral system has lead many to success, especially before the internet came about. Many of you have found success from other's referring business to without you having to do a lot of marketing yourself.

While there are others of you that may feel that having talking to people and having a referral system is old school marketing and outdated.

But one thing is for sure and that is once someone really see the value in your offer, it can start a chain reaction of referrals to you.

You have to wonder how are trends started?

What really gets people going as far as taking on something new?

Something that can benefit them. Who has that power?

According to the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, these people are the “connectors.” These people, for example, are the popular kids in High School who if you weren't trying to be like them then you were considered a square or outcast.

They were part of the “cool” crowd and started the popular trends in high school. Every kid wanted to be like them, and they try their best to follow suit.

If these kids were to start hanging around you and said something really great about you, then the rest of the kids in high school would want to be like you too.

In the network marketing industry, being connected with the cool kids aka popular people in the industry will definitely boost your reputation quite well.

How Referring Business To Other's Can Really Help You

The majority of people in the industry has the “me” syndrome. They only want you to look at their opportunity without even asking what you do and take an interest in you.

Many of you have came across that and some of you are doing business like that. But one thing is for sure and that us you feel stagnant in your business. You want to be able to start growing, even if its just getting one person a month, you still want to move forward but nothing is happening.

But here's the great thing about karma. Whatever you put out tends to come back to you. What if you start the habit of referring business to others? Do you think it will come back to you?

The answer is, of course yes!

Many of you may feel that you're losing business, or may think it's a waste of time trying to help others when you're not helping yourself.

But just imagine the reputation that you start the build. Especially if you're doing online marketing? People like to talk behind other's back. Now imagine if people start talking behind your back about how you like refer business.

Do you think the word about you will get to the right people? Especially if you really love what you do and are really trying to help people? If you're like this, just imagine all the network marketers who are getting any type of support from their upline, and if they hear about how you like to help people, do you feel having that type of reputation will make you attractive to them? You bet your bottom dollar they it will! Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you and it will definitely take you a long way.

Are you referring business to others? If so how is karma working for you? Please share and comment below. I look forward to reading them!!!

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